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4U home renovation ideas 2020

From your Friends at 4U Inspection Services!

Before anything else, we’d like to say Happy New Year! Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done for the past 365 days. Now that the year 2020 is here, it’s another opportunity to welcome new renovation ideas and perhaps encourage a fresh home environment. 

One important thing before starting on any home renovation project is to consider having a home inspection performed. Why? Because not all home improvement projects are cosmetic. Think how terrible it would be if you repainted your house but there was still termite infestation underneath the surface? Roof leaks, outdated electrical systems, and mold growth are some concerns that would also need immediate attention. 

During our Home Inspection Baltimore MD, our licensed home inspectors will check all areas of the home to see if there are existing problems that can directly impact your family’s convenience and your home’s structural integrity and value. Small problems can become big if left not addressed. The more you put off the necessary repairs, the bigger those issues become and the more expensive your repairs can be. With a home inspection, you know which parts of your home would need renovations or just simple tweaking. 

But, if you recently had a Baltimore Home Inspection performed, then you’re good to go! Below are 5 Budget-Friendly Renovation ideas you can work on in 2020. 

  1. A Mellow Yellow Hallway

Some homeowners like their homes in multiple colors while some want a single color for the entire house. If you belong to the latter, trust me, there’s nothing wrong with that. But c’mon, it’s now 2020. A focal part of your home would be a great idea to start your year with a bang. Try painting your hallway in mellow yellow and you’ll be surprised how this technique can provide so much brightness to your home. Why mellow yellow? Well, because it’s mellow – not too bright yet colorful enough to break the ice from white-colored walls. 

  1. Bring In More Plants

Freshening up your home doesn’t really mean adding furniture or purchasing new items. Adding more indoor plants from your garden is perfect as it brings cleaner air inside your home. Plus, a few greenery inside just makes it more pleasing to the eyes. Keep in mind though that if you want to add plants inside, keep an organized scheme. If you want greens, then add only greens. If you want flowers, try sticking to whites. This way your home stays classy and tidy. 

  1. Open Up More Space

For the past few years, more homes are becoming hooked with open-space plans and have continued to be a sought-after trend. Does your home still have a lot of closed spaces? Well, it’s time to break down those walls literally, of course, except bedroom and bathroom walls. Your dining, kitchen, and living rooms could use more open space to add not just height but airflow as well. Your home will feel a lot larger and become cooler than ever. Don’t forget to add shelving units that complement your new design.

  1. Change Your Flooring Style

2020 is the year where carpeted floors are out and wooden floors are in. Gone are the days where carpet covers a large portion of your home. Nowadays, carpet is used as accent features in living rooms and bedrooms. If you think this idea can be costly, there are inexpensive alternatives such as wood-style laminate and vinyl. An all-wooden floor, especially darker shades, is well-loved by younger homeowners and architects because of its minimalist and classy look. 

  1. Improve The Air Quality Of Your Home

Improving the air quality of your home is not just about your heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Sometimes, it’s about removing items that may hold and hide contaminants and allergens. These include carpets, stuffed toys, and other materials that easily hold dust and pollen on it. Remove them and deep clean your home. You can then hire professional home inspectors from our Baltimore MD home inspection company to test your indoor air quality. 

2020 is gearing towards minimalism. More and more homeowners are designing their homes to be more simple yet classic with less fuss happening. These home improvement ideas will not just stay as a trend but as a classic design that will last for years.

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4U Inspection Services Logo picture | Trusted certified inspectors that can help you. | Home inspection Baltimore MDHow do I Find a Good Home Inspector?

Your real estate agent for sure has some pretty good connections with important professionals including a home inspector. You can either accept the referral or perhaps do the research on your own. Just take note that not all states require licensing or certification requirements so you need to be a bit more enthusiastic in finding the best one especially if you belong in the non-requiring state. Whichever the case is, opt for an inspector with plenty of experience. You may also lookup at InterNACHI’s (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) website to help you find home inspectors near you.

A home inspection Baltimore MD may be an additional expense to a home buyer but considering the benefits, it can offer you down the road will make you realize how it’s all worth it.

For the home buyer, having a good understanding of the condition of a property is crucial to making informed decisions during a real estate transaction. Call (443) 539-8012 Today or  Schedule your Home Inspection Baltimore MD Today!

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