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Do I Need A Home Inspection?

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Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases in a person’s life. The process is long and stressful. Perhaps you spent months searching for the right home before making an offer. Now that you have your dream home under contract, the process of writing checks begin. And, upon seeing your total expenses, you might think of ways to save money and be tempted to skip the home inspection.

Smart home buyers call for professional help. You need an unbiased evaluation of your home and the Baltimore, MD home inspection is a big part of your home buying process. Tempting as it might be to cut expenses, here are eight good reasons why you need the home inspection.

1. Reveals Unseen And Unpredicted Problem:

It’s easy to fall in love with the looks of the home. Unfortunately, the home that seems to be in excellent shape may have unseen problems.

2. Safety Issues:

What’s great about the home inspection is that it detects safety issues. The home inspector will look at the home’s major systems, such as the electrical, and determine the working condition. You want the home to be safe for you and your family when you move in.

3. Inspects For Unsafe and Shoddy Workmanship:

A home inspection can reveal whether work or upgrades to the home were done in an unsafe or substandard manner.

4. Negotiation Leverage:

The home inspection report presents an opportunity for the buyer to ask for repairs or negotiate for a price deduction.

5. Forecast Potential Costs:

The home inspection helps to determine the age and condition of the major systems such as the plumbing, heating, and cooling as well as other critical equipment. Understanding what items need replacement or how long they will last will help in your budgeting decisions, and what types of insurance coverage and warranties you should consider.

6. Protect Your Investment:

Your home inspector can be an educational resource on how to maintain your new home and ultimately save money in the long run.

7. Insurance:

Some insurance companies will not insure a home if specific certifications are not documented, such as Wind Mitigation, Four-Point Inspections, outdated wiring, plumbing, roofs, etc

8. Peace Of Mind:

Nobody wants unpleasant surprises after moving in. Saying that a home inspection gives you Peace Of Mind is an understatement – it gives you real knowledge about your new home, helps you save money down the road, and ensures that you and your family move into a safe and comfortable home.

The home inspection is a physical examination of the home. The Baltimore, MD home inspector will thoroughly examine the home looking for safety, function, and structural issues. You will receive a detailed report with photos and a summary page listing any concerns and items that need to be addressed now and those that may need to be addressed in the future.

In other words, the home inspection is a vital component of the home buying process and an excellent investment.

If you or someone you know is purchasing a home and needs a quality home inspector in Baltimore, MD, be sure to give 4U Inspection Services a call (443) 539-8012 Today or Click To Schedule Online 24/7 Right From Our Website.

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How do I Find a Good Home Inspector?

Your real estate agent for sure has some pretty good connections with important professionals including a home inspector. You can either accept the referral or perhaps do the research on your own. Just take note that not all states require licensing or certification requirements so you need to be a bit more enthusiastic in finding the best one especially if you belong in the non-requiring state. Whichever the case is, opt for an inspector with plenty of experience. You may also lookup at InterNACHI’s (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) website to help you find home inspectors near you.

A home inspection Baltimore MD may be an additional expense to a home buyer but considering the benefits, it can offer you down the road will make you realize how it’s all worth it.

For the home buyer, having a good understanding of the condition of a property is crucial to making informed decisions during a real estate transaction. Call (443) 539-8012 Today or Schedule your Home Inspection Baltimore MD Today!

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