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Washington, D.C.

‘D.C.’ stands for ‘District of Columbia’ which is the federal district containing the city of Washington.  The federal district was established in 1790 and was named Columbia (a feminine form of Columbus) to honor Christopher Columbus.  It originally was mapped out to be a 10-mile square (see map), but Virginia’s lands were returned in 1846.

This great city is the capital of the United States of America and the center of the U.S. government.  It is named in honor of George Washington, one of the Founding Fathers, first President of the United States, and the person who picked its location between Virginia and Maryland.  It is one of the most visited cities in the world.

United_States_Capitol Washington DCAll three branches of the federal government are centered here:  Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court.  The White House, where the president resides, and the United States Capitol, symbol of the American people and their government, are located here.

The National Mall is in the heart of the city and includes more than 100 unique monuments and National Mall Washington DCmemorials.  It is a symbol of our nation and its democratic values.  It is more than 1000 acres of green space that stretches from the foot of the U.S. Capitol to the Potomac River.

The Smithsonian Institution’s, a group of museums and research centers, headquarters is based here.  Termed the ‘nation’s attic’, for its array of eclectic holdings, welcomes 30 million annual visitors who are admitted without charge.

The Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area exceeds 9.6 million residents in 2016, the fourth largest combined statistical area in the country. It is an international city due to its many embassies, international organizations, and a high population of DC Diversity Washington DCimmigrants (81,734 as of 2010).  This fuels D.C.’s growing, diversified culture and economy with an increasing percentage of professional and business service jobs.  Between 2009 – 2016 the GDP per capita has consistently ranked on the very top among US states, with 25% employed by a federal governmental agency.  This is thought to immunize Washington, D.C. to national downturns because the government continues to operate even during recessions.

There are some curious facts about our national city such as:

  • All roads lead to the Capitol Building.
  • A crypt, built for George Washington, is under the Capitol Building.
  • capitol tunnel systemMiles and Miles of underground tunnels for senators and members of the House are located under the Capitol Building – complete with it’s own subway system!
  • DC’s Metro system is the second busiest in the U.S. (New York is the first).
  • There is a museum dedicated to bonsai trees.
  • Washington, D.C. gets more rain than Seattle (2 inches more on average).
  • The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world.
  • The world’s largest obelisk, The Washington Monument, is 555 feet, 5 1/8 inches, is at the National Mall.
  • The White House used to be called ‘the President’s Palace’ or the ‘President’s House’. Theodore Roosevelt made the change official after it flagappeared in a newspaper.
  • Even though it is not a state, it has a ‘state’ flag, bird, tree, and flower.
  • Al Gore, Bill Nye, and Duke Ellington were all born here.


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