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What is an Infrared Inspection?

An Infrared inspection, also known as thermal imaging helps inspectors identify hidden issues in a home. Troubled areas include energy loss, foundation cracks, and structural damage that is not typically revealed during a traditional home inspection.

Our routine thermal imaging inspections reveal problems that are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. Contact us at (443) -539-8012 or to schedule an appointment today.


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 The Benefits of Infrared Inspections Include:  

Provide valuable insight

It can help home buyers determine if purchasing a home they are interested in is worth the investment, or riddled with too many structural and electrical problems beyond repair.

Buying a home

Some insurance companies may require an inspection report. An excellent infrared inspection report can lead to lower monthly insurance premiums and assures you that you pay fair market value for the home.

Selling a home

if you are selling a home, an infrared inspection report can be included with your listing to attract interest from prospective buyers and used to access the actual value of your home to help sell it much quicker.

We Are Infrared Inspection Experts


It can be pretty challenging for an amateur infrared user to establish an exact results. That is why our seasoned inspectors must complete several hours of difficult classroom and field training.

  • We use infrared cameras to inspect the inside of the home
  • We scan for temperature differences, that can expose water intrusion, electrical issues, or poor insulation
  • If we discover any issues, our inspectors will provide suggestions to address problem areas.


Thermal Imaging Can Identify and Document:

Infrared Inspection

‘Hot Spots’ in the home such as:

  • Circuit breakers that need to be replaced immediately
  • Overloaded and undersized circuits
  • Overheated electrical equipment and components
  • Electrical faults before they cause a fire

The inspector may also find:

  • Possible pest infestation
  • Rodents, such as rats, mice, and other larger animals
  • Flue leaks that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning

Moisture Intrusion:

  • Plumbing leaks
  • Hidden roof leaks before they cause severe damage
  • Missing, damaged and wet insulation
  • Water and moisture intrusion around penetrations and at the foundation and building envelope could lead to structural damage and mold.



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