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How to Turn a Mold Home Into a Sold Home

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If you are buying or selling a home, the last thing you may think about is if the home you are trying to buy or sell has mold or not. As the buyer, you may expect that a standard home inspection covers mold, but that isn’t entirely true. A mold inspection includes inspecting an entire home for mold growth and also reveals any mold-related issues.

Why should you care about mold inspection?

When the home you are looking to buy or sell has a severe mold problem, it can impact a home’s sale. Even though most molds found in a home are considered harmless and do not pose a threat to your health, some homebuyers may choose to look elsewhere if they know a home has a history of mold problems that could affect a family the health of their family.

What are the benefits of a mold inspection?

Prevention -a mold inspection can reduce any health-related concerns. Anyone occupying a home with an autoimmune disease can be at risk for mild allergies, skin rashes, and common cold symptoms if exposed to mold.

Indoor Air Quality – When mold infiltrates a home, its indoor air quality can drastically decline. During a mold inspection, the inspector collects samples of mold and tests its indoor air quality.

Reduce structural damage – When mold gathers in warm damp locations such as behind walls, underneath plumbing fixtures, it may be hard to see at first. Mold growth can create complications for wooden structures, insulation, and electrical wiring if water damage has previously occurred. A mold inspection reveals any structural issues that can reduce any further damage.

Don’t Get Short-Changed

Buying or selling a home with mold always presents a risk. For those of you looking to buy a home, protect yourself from making a bad deal. Don’t be afraid to ask them for a copy of the inspection report before signing an agreement. This can help make the home buying decision much easier for you.

For those of you selling a home, honesty is the best policy. Be upfront with potential buyers and relate estate agents concerning prior mold problems. Let them know what you have done to remedy the situation. Provide a prospective buyer or real estate agent with a copy of the mold inspection report. Whether you are a seller or buyer, you should have a vested interest in understanding the mold contamination’s primary cause. Also, you will want to know how to avoid it from happening again in the future. To schedule your mold inspection, fill out our schedule now form or contact 4U Inspection Services today at (443) 539- 8710 for additional information.

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