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Our Three Step Process

1. Ozone Treatment

Destroys Viruses, Mold, & Odors through Natural Oxidation.

2. Disinfectant Fogging

  • Deep Down Disinfecting
  • Broad Spectrum Sanitizer
  • Green, Non-Toxic
  • Air Cleansing

3. Probiotics

Destroys the Biofilm that bacteria and viruses need to grow preventing re-infection of treated area for up to thirty days.

Eliminate lingering smells!
Cigarette Odor
Pet Odor
Musty Odor
Food Odor
Smoke Odor
Don't let these foul odors keep you from selling or renting your home!
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As part of the effort to help businesses & families impacted by COVID-19, Lil Stinky is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering a revolutionary cleaning & sanitizing solution for these unprecedented times.

That’s why we are now offering these precautionary services 4U!

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