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Residential Mold Inspections

There are several reasons why you should consider getting a mold inspection. Health Issues:  If  you or a family member have health- related issues,  doctors cannot pinpoint the cause. As a result, your health issues may be related to mold. Water damage:  If your home flooded, roof leaked or  broken plumbing  If you smell a musty, damp smell, even if you don’t see any mold growth. 

4U Inspection Services offers mold testing and mold inspections  to reveal whether elevated levels of mold are located in your home and where the source stems from. 

We do not offer remediation service and  have no inherent interest in the outcome of mold testing. We provide unbiased testing without a conflict of interest and give you quick, dependable, and independent results!

Mold inspection
Why Should You Inspect Your Home For Mold
Testing For Mold In The Air & On Surfaces

The Mold Inspection Process

A Complete Mold Evaluation is when 4U Inspection Service’s Inspectors use Infrared cameras, other advanced equipment to discover where the moisture is (mold needs water to grow) and the areas where mold growth could occur. This inspection includes air and surface testing. 

How long does a mold test or inspection take?

A mold air quality test may take anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes to complete. The total time can vary depending on the number of test areas required.

A mold inspection service  may take up to three hours  or more because  we do the initial investigative work to find the and take the mold tests.

What You Can Expect From Us:

When you call to schedule an inspection with 4U Inspection Services, we will explain how the process works, ascertain what services are needed.  We will provide you with the information you need to make to make an informed decision and schedule your inspection at a time that is convenient for you. 

Mold test results

Mold inspection service

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