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One Year / 11th Month Builder Home Warranty Inspection in Baltimore Maryland

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One Year / 11th Month Builder Home Warranty Inspection Checklist in Baltimore, MD Metro Area


Home owner talks with home inspector - builder warrantyNew home buyers may not realize the importance of a builder warranty inspection, Or, if they already have a warranty that the warranty will usually expire within the first year after closing. Getting your home warranty inspection at the end of the one-year expiration is your final opportunity to identify and inform your builder of any items that need to be repaired or replacedRepairs including safety hazards should be documented by a professional home inspector like the knowledgeable inspectors at 4U Inspection Services before your home builder is relieved of his responsibility to you under the warranty period.

1 Year New Home Warranty Inspection

The professionals at 4U Inspection Services will work with you as your one year builder warranty is about to expire. Once your home has been inspected, our licensed, CPI Certified Professional Inspector will provide you will a comprehensive report so you have the knowledge and detailed documentation to discuss any problems regarding the quality of materials or workmanship with your home builder. Statistics indicate that an educated homeowner is better equipped at getting the builder to correct or repair any items that are not up to standard.

Home Builder Warranty Inspection Checklist

The primary goal is to provide a thorough inspection along with a detailed report that will list items that are safety hazards or items that are not performing or operating property. A licensed home inspection company such as 4U Inspection Services will check systems including:
• Heating & Central Air Conditioning Systems
• Plumbing Connections & Fittings
• Electrical Outlets, Wiring & Panels
• Lighting
• Attic
• Insulation
• Floors
• Windows & Doors
• Drywall, Walls & Ceilings
• Fireplace & Chimneys
• Roofing
• Gutters & Downspouts
• Foundation
• Drainage
• Decks & Wood Structures
• Appliances

Benefits of Home Inspection Before Warranty Expires

The experienced team of professionals at 4U Inspection Services have provided the following list of benefits to getting your builder warranty inspection before the 12 month warranty period expires:
• Your new home may have already been inspected by the city or county but municipal building inspectors are usually under time restraints and are not especially detailed with their inspection protocols. Your 4U Inspection Services professional will take the time to examine all aspects of your home and the mechanisms within it to ensure that everything is in correct working order.
• As a new home owner you may be under the misguided impression that nothing can go wrong because your home is new. The truth is that many things can go wrong. Some of these might have been obvious during the first couple of months of occupancy, but there are many hidden defects that the average homeowner doesn’t have the experience or knowledge to find. Statistically, most problems that occur with homes that are 5, 10 or 20 years old began when the home was new within the first year of occupancy!
• A home inspection before you closed on your home doesn’t guarantee that the systems will work at optimal performance levels after the first year of ownership. Building materials often expand and contract with weather changes and the new construction will settle. Problems may come to fruition during the first year of occupancy that were not immediately apparent when you first moved into your home.

Why Should I Get a Home Inspection on Such New Construction?

  1. Ultimately, the builder is responsible for repairs to your home within the first year of construction
  2. The cost of the warranty repairs have already been calculated into the purchase price of your home. In essence, you have already paid for the repairs, so it makes sense to take advantage of a builder warranty inspection.
  3. The cost of an inspection will be far less than the cost of repairsthat you now will not have to pay out of pocket for in the future!

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logoHow do I Find a Good Home Inspector?

Your real estate agent for sure has some pretty good connections with important professionals including a home inspector. You can either accept the referral or perhaps do the research on your own. Just take note that not all states require licensing or certification requirements so you need to be a bit more enthusiastic in finding the best one especially if you belong in the non-requiring state. Whichever the case is, opt for an inspector with plenty of experience. You may also lookup at InterNACHI’s (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) website to help you find home inspectors near you.

home inspection Baltimore MD may be an additional expense to a home buyer but considering the benefits, it can offer you down the road will make you realize how it’s all worth it.

For the home buyer, having a good understanding of the condition of a property is crucial to making informed decisions during a real estate transaction. Call (443) 539-8012 Today or  Schedule your Home Inspection Baltimore MD Today!

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