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Pre-Drywall Inspections

When a home is under construction, numerous subcontractors such as plumbers, electricians, and framers are in and out of the home working on various construction tasks.

During this process, issues may arise with one subcontractor that affects another subcontractor without his knowledge. On occasion, this can lead to overlooked things and result in construction errors that can be costly, covered up, or hidden. They also won’t be visible at the final inspection or on your walk-through with the construction manager.

Mistakes like these can be corrected during the framing and rough-in phase before hanging drywall while the home is under construction. Our thorough pre-drywall inspection will help assure you that your new home is built according to plan, limiting the potential for future problems.

Pre-drywall inspection
pre-drywall inspection'
What Is Inspected During a Pre-Drywall Inspection?

The Importance Of A Pre-Drywall Inspection

A  pre-drywall inspection is an essential part of buying a newly constructed home. Your  inspector will walk through the home to ensure that everything is compliant. This helps us assure you that we provide a five-star inspection that goes above and beyond the norm and covers every aspect of this specialized service.

What You Can Expect From Us:

When you work with 4U Inspection Services, our Certified Professional Inspectors (CPI), you can expect prompt, reliable service!  They email you and the agent (if desired)  a copy of the pre-drywall inspection report within 24 hours after the review has been completed.

How Long Does a Pre-Drywall Inspection Take?

A pre-drywall inspection can two hours or more to complete, depending on the size of the home.

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