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Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Is a proactive step that puts you ahead of the curve. The home inspection is often the point where a home sale may fall through, you’ll get ahead of major issues before you list your property if you have a pre-listing inspection

It allows you to get ahead of the buyer’s inspections to find out the condition of your property. Then you ‘ll be in a better position to make the repairs needed in your time, rather than being pressured to get them done before closing.

You’ll be able to choose a premium price for your home that will get it sold fast and at full price. It will also eliminate a lot of stress of negotiations since you and the buyer are aware of the issues and the repairs that have been made from the beginning. 

Why You Should Consider A Pre-Listing Home Inspection

What We Inspect



Other Structures

What can you expect of the pre-listing home inspection?

At 4U Inspection Services we go above and beyond what others do at a pre-listing inspection by making small repairs that would show up on the report as ‘hazards’. We do like replacing the outlet and switch covers that are missing or doing a free infrared scan of critical moisture areas to help make selling your home easier and less stressful.

The pre-sale inspection takes approximately 3 hours to complete and can take longer, depending on the home’s square footage. We will email the home seller and agent (if desired) a copy of a report within 24 hours detailing the pre-listing home inspection results.

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