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Helpful Information About Home Fixes from 4U Inspection Services!


Whether you’re planning on buying or selling a home or just a homeowner with some extra time, knocking out a few quick fixes to your house is always a great investment of time and money. From a visual inspection of your plumbing systems to some TLC on your gutters and other exterior features, these fixes can ensure that your home maintains its value and while mitigating the risk for long-term damages. To help you spot the quick fixes ready for attention in your home, we’ve rounded up seasoned home inspection experts from Sacramento to Philadelphia. Read on and start creating your quick-fix to-do list today!


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logoHow do I Find a Good Home Inspector?

Your real estate agent for sure has some pretty good connections with important professionals including a home inspector. You can either accept the referral or perhaps do the research on your own. Just take note that not all states require licensing or certification requirements so you need to be a bit more enthusiastic in finding the best one especially if you belong in the non-requiring state. Whichever the case is, opt for an inspector with plenty of experience. You may also lookup at InterNACHI’s (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) website to help you find home inspectors near you.

home inspection Baltimore MD may be an additional expense to a home buyer but considering the benefits, it can offer you down the road will make you realize how it’s all worth it.

For the home buyer, having a good understanding of the condition of a property is crucial to making informed decisions during a real estate transaction. Call (443) 539-8012 Today or  Schedule your Home Inspection Baltimore MD Today!

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