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Radon Inspections

Radon is a tasteless, odorless, invisible gas. The deadly gas comes from uranium found in soil, water, and rocks and can be found in low lying areas outdoors. Radon enters the home through foundation cracks, drains, sump pumps, poorly insulated joints, and any exposed soil, such as crawlspaces. When radon is found in a home with limited ventilation, it can spread rapidly, increasing the odds of those living in the home to be at risk for lung cancer. Radon doesn’t have any smell or taste, so it’s impossible to detect without special testing.

4U Inspection Services offers radon testing for homebuyers, and homeowners. Our certified radon inspectors can help put your mind at ease by identifying any dangerous problem areas that can help reduce the chances of you and your family from being exposed to lung cancer and keeping them safe.

radon diagram
Mark haning a radon test
What A Radon Test Consists Of:

Testing Requirements:

When you work with 4U Inspection Services, you can expect us to educate you about radon’s dangers and what our testing requirements are.

Facts About Radon

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