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Sewer Scope Inspections

A sewer scope inspection is a video inspection of a home’s sewer line system. A camera moves through the home’s wastelines and sends images back to the operator. The inspector can then see if there are any problems and if the sewer line is flowing correctly.

A standard home inspection does not include an examination of the sewer system. That is because most sewer systems are located underground, and a regular home inspection consists of a visual account of the homes systems. 

A sewer scope inspection helps the home buyer understand if the home they are buying may have had any clogs or signs of sewer backups in the past, and if any existing problems need to be addressed. These repairs may cost thousands of dollars and should be addressed before purchasing the home.


Man inspecting house
old sewer pipe
Sewer line blockages can occur when:

What Is Included in a Sewer Scope Inspection?

Our inspectors not only understand the results of your sewer scope inspection and what the potential issues maybe, but we will also explain the problem.  A sewer scope inspection examines:

A sewer scope inspection takes about an hour to complete. However, it can take longer if the sewer line has a blockage or clog. You can expect to receive an email containing both a video of the sewer scope inspection and a detailed report explaining the results a day after the  inspection has been completed.

What You Can Expect From Us:

You can expect that one of our inspectors will conduct a thorough examination of your sewer. After scoping your wasteline, we will discuss what we observed during the inspection and explain any problems. Our inspectors will also take the time to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have,  providing you with peace of mind.

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