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What You Ought to Know About Sewer Scope Inspections

What is a Sewer Scope Inspection and Why Do I Need It

Are you  looking to buy or sell a new home, older home, or a multi-family home? A sewer scope inspection can serve as a very informative resource that both the buyer and seller can use to understand the condition of a home’s sewer line system when negotiating a home’s sale.

What is a Sewer Scope Inspection?

A sewer scope inspection is a video inspection of your home’s lateral sewer lines that extends at or near its foundation to the city’s main sewer line. Our inspectors insert a camera scope into the main sewer or septic line until it reaches the city-maintained connection or the septic tank.

Why Do I Need a Sewer Scope Inspection?

A typical home inspection is a visual inspection of the home and does not examine anything below the
surface-level. No matter how old or new your home is, it is wise to have your home’s sewer line or septic tank examined as a home buyer or seller. Sewer scope inspections  examine and detect defects in your homes lateral sewer line and identify the material used for the sewer line itself.

The seller can rest easy when the sewer scope results do not detect any issues. The buyer can also relax knowing that the sewer line is working as it should. If there are any obstructions or repairs needed to the waste line, a solution can be discussed and negotiated, as is usual in every real estate transaction.

What are Common Types of Sewer Line Issues?

Your homes sewer line is the most significant drain in the home and can have several issues, including:

  •  Severe Sewer Line Damage – when your sewer line breaks or fractures, the sewage cannot drain, causing constant backups. Some things that contribute to an impaired sewer line include:

                 A. A ruptured sewer line –  happens when ground conditions change due to shifting soil or when the                           ground freezes.

                  B. Leaking joints – occur when the seals connecting the sewer line breaks, causing water and
                   debris to escape.

  • Tree roots –need water to grow When trees roots infiltrate sewer lines and begin to grow and expand, it places pressure on your sewer line, causing it to crack or collapse. This leads to your sewer line clogging and prohibits debris from moving through the sewer line freely.
  • Sagging Sewer Line – Ground and soil conditions can change over time, causing a part of your sewer line to sag and creating an area for a waste pool. When a sewer line begins to sag, paper products and waste gather at its lowest point culminating in reoccurring blockages.

The team at 4U Inspection Services, understands that buying a home can be very stressful and we want to help you reduce stress and save money. When a sewer line has damage, if you are the home buyer, you can negotiate the home’s price to include the repairs.  If you are the homeowner, you can save by getting bids for the repair, as well as preventing the cost of delayed closings. 

Benefits of Sewer Scope Inspection

If you are looking to buy or sell a home, you may only be concerned about the condition of the home’s roof or its HVAC system, and do not give much consideration to the sewer line system.

Because the sewer line is not readily visible many buyers and sellers overlook it when trying to sell or buy a home until something significant goes wrong.

A sewer scope inspection will help you learn a lot about the condition of your home’s sewer line, such as:

  • A sewer scope inspection can detect where any blockages may lie within the sewer line and pinpoint where the issue stems from
  • For those of you looking to sell your home, you should keep a copy of both the video and the inspection report because it can be used as documented proof to show that you have had the sewer line examined. It can also serve as a valuable resource for potential buyers.
  • Sewer scope inspections also identify early warning signs of minor sewer line deficiencies that can be repaired now, allowing both the seller and buyer to avoid much more expensive repairs in the future.
  • Sewer scope inspections is an invaluable resource that are priceless for your home’s value and functionality at any time during

If you are looking to buy or sell a home, a sewer scope inspection can offer you peace of mind knowing that your home sewer line is in good condition. For additional information about sewer scope inspections, contact 4U Inspection Services at (443) 539-8710 and Schedule Your Sewer Scope Inspection Today.

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