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What Will Your Home Inspection Reveal?

What Will Your Home Inspection Reveal

Buyer Beware

If you’re thinking about buying a home, you should proceed with caution regarding the seller’s disclosure statement. After all, the seller may have difficulty explaining a water leak that occurred six months ago – or the DIY repair they attempted to cover up the defect. Over the last several years, the home inspector has become an invaluable resource for inspecting and detecting property defects. A home inspection helps you to understand the condition of a home better, access its actual value saving you thousands of dollars, and used to help to negotiate a better deal. 

Selecting the Right Home Inspector

When selecting a home inspector, make sure that you do your homework. Remember that sometimes the most affordable home inspector isn’t always the most qualified. Here are a few things to consider before making an informed decision about which home inspector to choose. 

  • Please find out how long they have been in business. 
  • View copies of sample reports if they are available.
  • Have they been certified by a national organization such as InterNACHI? 
  • Has your inspector passed the NHIE (National Home Inspector Exam)?
  • Read client testimonials. Are they from a home buyer or real estate agents? Do they have ten customers that were thrilled with their service, or a hundred?
  • Read about their qualifications and experience. Look out for clever wording like “5 years of industry experience.” This does not mean they have “5 years of home inspection experience.

Inspecting a home is not an easy task and requires specialized training and education. Our certified home inspectors receive extensive training.  They also participate in continuing education courses throughout the year to stay informed about our rapidly changing industry and continually learn new training techniques.  If your home inspector cannot answer your question for you  he can ask our team of inspectors and administrative staff who can help him find the answer for you.

Looking Beyond Surface Level

Just because a home looks nice on the surface does not mean that it’s perfect. Most homes have some minor defects and are more apparent than others to the untrained eye. However, an experienced home inspector can locate unknown or hidden defects during the inspection within a matter of minutes, determine the severity, and if the defect could prove costly over time.         

While you may spend 30 to 45 minutes touring a renovated home that you like, it can merely serve as window dressing and seem as if the home is in good condition. However, what you can’t see beyond the surface is if the roof, HVAC, plumbing, insulation, ventilation, and electrical systems are in good condition. 

A home is, in many ways is like the human body. The wooden frame is like a human skeleton, and electrical wires are like the nerves and synapses, water pipes are like blood vessels, and the brick or siding on the outside is like the skin.  It’s not what the exterior of a home looks like but what’s behind it that matters when buying a home. 

4U Inspection Services is committed to educating our customers about a home’s condition, saving them money, and protecting what’s in their best interest. To schedule a home inspection, contact us now at (443) 539-8710 or complete the form on our website at 4uinspectionservices.com/schedule-service

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